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Tuur Mang Welten

Unperceived Records 2016


7K! 2018



7K! 2020

Panta Rhei

7K! 2023


Neimëster, Luxembourg LU


Verbier Festival, Verbier CH


Sziget Festival, Budapest HU


Immersive Audio Workshop & Concert, Köniz CH


Zeiss - Großplanetarium, Berlin DE



Silent Trees 

Directed by Agnieszka Zwiefka

Original score by Niklas Paschburg

Presque Bernard Campan Alexandre Jollien


(dt. Glück auf einer Skala von 1 bis 10)

Directed by Bernard Campan & Alexandre Jollien

Original score by Niklas Paschburg

Ronald Vitz Ernestos Island

Ernesto's Island

Directed by Ronald Vietz

Original score by Niklas Paschburg

Co-writing / Production

RY X Spiral

RY X - Spiral


RY X - Spiral


Dobrawa Czocher Dreamscapes

Dobrawa Czocher - Dreamscapes


Mira Lora Unleashed

Mira Lora - Unleashed

Production / Co-writing


Asgeir I know you Know Niklas Paschburg rework

I Know You Know 

RY X Hounds Niklas Paschburg rework


The slow show hard to hide niklas-paschburg-rework

The Slow Show 
Hard to Hide

Fejka Hiraeth Niklas Paschburg rework

(feat. Kim Van Loo)

Two Lanes Reflections Niklas Paschburg rework


Youth Novel Blue Niklas Paschburg rework

Youth Novels 

Illuminine Hannah Corinne Fright Niklas Paschburg rework

Hannah Corinne


LUCHS The Day She Left Rework Niklas Paschburg rework

The Day She Left

Cascadeur La promesse Niklas Paschburg rework

La Promesse

Memum Anne Garner Timedrift Niklas Paschburg rework

Anne Garner


Yousef Kekhia Faragh Niklas Paschburg

Yousef Kekhia

Nils Hoffmann Niklas Paschburg

Nils Hoffman
1.16699016 X 10^8 Hertz

Misia Furtak Nie zaczynaj Niklas Paschburg rework

Misia Furtak
Nie zaczynaj

Saycet Malaparte Niklas Paschburg rework


Gabriel Olaf Loa Niklas Paschburg Rework

Gabriel Ólafs

Niklas Paschburg is a composer, pianist and producer from Hamburg, Germany.
As music has always been an integral part of his family, he began studying piano while in primary school. Niklas' grandfather, who was a captain on a container ship, traveled the world with a Hohner accordion that would ultimately be passed down to Niklas and used on recordings and concerts.

As a teenager, Niklas became passionate about electronic music and hip hop. He became intrigued by the possibility of merging his roots on the piano & accordion with his newly developed production skills on the computer. He started composing his first songs and thus began his journey through a sound hybrid that brings together the piano world of classical music (Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Haydn, Satie, Debussy...) with a modern approach to musical production.

Niklas Paschburg Live

With his first synthesizer purchase of an old Korg MS2000, Niklas dived deep into the world of electronic instruments amassing a formidable collection (Tom Oberheim, Moog, Dave Smith...). Finding his own voice on synthesizers grew parallel to developing his compositional style on the piano and accordion.

In the meantime he moved from Hamburg to the Netherlands to study composition for film & theater and then afterwards to the south of Germany, where he would live in a small "commune" of artists, including Hannes Kretzer who had just started his independent label Unperceived Records. It is with him that Niklas released his debut EP “Tuur Mang Welten”, which becomes a stand out album of the “Neo- Contemporary” movement’s second wave of artists (its first wave being comprised of artists such as Dustin O’Halloran, Max Richter etc.) The record would then pique the interest of 7K! Records which would go on to publish his 3 subsequent albums and crystallize the name of Niklas Paschburg among the most important and followed on the international scene. Having moved shortly after the release of his first album "Oceanic" to Berlin, Niklas continues his sonic development in a hybrid style that has often been identified as ambient pop. Those genres stand out most in his music, two apparently distant worlds which in reality can coexist serendipitously as they flow between points of calm, reflection, and celebration.

“Oceanic” (2018), “Svalbard” (2020) and “Panta Rhei” (2023) are the three chapters that bring Niklas to international acclaim and have afforded him to play throughout Europe in a constant and continuous manner. His music manages to take him from rock clubs to concert halls, from night clubs to churches, from massive festivals

to small gatherings, for piano enthusiasts as well as electronic music fans; It’s allowed him to take his music truly everywhere.

In the years from 2018 to today Niklas has never stopped creating remixes for other artists from Asgeir to The Slow Show, through RY X , Nils Hoffmann, Youth Novel, Saycet, Two Lanes and others.
In 2021 Niklas scored his first feature film “Presque”, directed by Bernard Campan & Alexandre Jollien, which came out in France and Germany followed shortly by his second feature film "Ernesto’s Island”, directed by Ronald Vietz.

Niklas is currently working on several film projects, which are expected to be released in 2024/25.

In addition to this Niklas produced the album debut of the Polish classical cellist Dobrawa Czocher and collaborated with American violinist Bryan Senti in the song “Jungle” created for a compilation of duets by 7K! Records.

2024 represents a point of departure for Niklas. He will be releasing new ambient electronic music conceived in Mexico at the end of 2023 and will soon be on tour throughout Europe to present it in a uniquely conceived live show.


Bosworth / Wise Music

Dirk Lange


Cabin Artists

Kai Lehmann

Niklas Paschburg Landesmuseum_Jan Bema
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